Monday, August 28, 2006

The Gub'mint need to 'splain it to me

Ok, the Geez reads in the Pee Eye fishwrapper that it is illegal to listen to your IPod on headphones while driving.

Fair enough.

However, they give driver's licenses to deaf folks. Now, not dissin' deaf folks, but either you need to hear, or you don't, to drive.

So, which is it, FU-WA? That is the Feminist Utopia of Washington, Governatrix Greg-wire, proprietor, to the uninitiated.

Also, the Geez like to communicate with nature in the summertime, all three days of it. Goes for these torture tests called hikes, on rocks and roots called trails.

Geez sweats like a stuck pig on said hikes, and likes to cool down when he is done. So, he likes to stop at the country store for a "road coke" (beer, to the uninitiated) on the way home. That would be one of the about four brewskis that the Geez ingests per anum. Now, Geez busts the law all to heck, if he sips it goin' down the road, like a Coca-Cola, but it is legal to stop in a tav, and chug it.

A beer in yer belly, is a beer in yer belly, with the same net effect on yer drivin'.

So, nanny-state, 'splain that one to me too.

Geezer out