Saturday, September 30, 2006

This Aussie has it right!

Aussie Christianj, who blogs at What men think of Women, writes with great clarity. Here is today's gem, which I believe should be spread far and wide.

He writes:

Well, men aren't stupid, despite near-constant whinging to the contrary by women.

Men look at some of these women and say "Let's see: she expects me to earn more than she does, be her knight in shining armor, do the cooking, the cleaning, dress in bespoke suits and tuxes to go anywhere, listen to her constant, endless bellyaching about every little damn thing like one of her girlfriends and if I should marry her, when she gets into some midlife funk, she's going to sue for divorce and take half of my life's work and any kids we have."

The male mind then turns the gears for a little while, netting this out on the bottom line of life:"Nope. No sale."

You can read the whole magilla here: