Friday, June 03, 2005

Oprah--Naw, don't stop reading, this is good.

So, the quasi-squeezie poo call me up last night, and says, Oprah is going to talk about sex!

Yeah, I said, I like sex. She says, you should watch it before you go to bed.

Now, having visions of being chased all night by a corpulent Nubian blob, I deferred to agree to watch part of it.

So, I turn it on about 9:20 or so, and here is this pussified man, who hasn't had the ol' lady give it up in TWO FRIGGIN' YEARS, on there.

Oprah is not Dr. Phil, so I figgered it would be all his fault. To her credit, the ebony money machine did not pose that thought, but certainly did not analyze the situation, but instead sent them to a love spa, or somesuch.

Often, what is observed, but not said, speaks louder. Married 15 years, with a 7 year old kid, there was a depiction of the family watching the lobotomy box, he on one couch, and mom and the kid snuggling warmly on the other. 'Scuse me, why was the kid cuddling with mom instead of the ol' man?

Cut-----man driving pickup, obviously some kind of builder, probably in management. Ralphie works 14 hours a day........ No mention of momma working. He likes sex in the morning, which she refuses.

Geezer's observation, and filling in the blanks follow.

First, if he works 14 hours a day, he isn't up to boinking the cutie at night, he wants to rest. If he did, the quality would be inferior to what he would want to provide. Does she work, or get to stay home with the kid? Does she drive a paid for $2000 car, or does he buy her a nice ride with a big payment, hence have to work 14 hours a day?

The solution is obvious to me.

Here it is.

She gets a job, so he can work 8 hours a day, and have a life with the family she wanted to have.

Kiddy-kins moves to the other couch with the cat or dog, and mom and dad cuddle on the other couch.

They adjust their (obviously rich, from the house) lifestyle, so the poor schmuck doesn't work all the time, and doesn't have to generate the income she spends.

She serves him breakfast in a French maid's outfit every morning before work, and gives him an exquisite BJ for dessert. Ed note: Nothing like an exquisite BJ to improve MY outlook on life.

She is a spoiled brat, like that Jennifer woman who skated on her wedding. No need to go to a sex boot camp, just for some understanding. If your deal included your working yer butt off to support your family, while wifey-poo eats bon-bons, watches Oprah, and sucks up Diet Pepsi, she better have dinner on the table, be cleaned up, same with the kid, and give it up on demand.

Who trained this guy to put up with this, and think that it is OK for him to run himself into the ground, with no "compensating" effort from his partner?

Hell, he could hire what he is getting for much less.

Ok. Rant mode off. But just for a little while.

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Frenchie said...

I am a woman in Seattle who has two French maid costumes, one smaller than the other. I get really tired of hearing my female friends ooooh and cooo over Oprah. Although my young black female secretary did ask me the other day if I thought Oprah was gay since she had never married.

I am acquainted with several men who tell me that they are in the same situation as the poor schmuck on the show. They will have to try to save themselves, however, it is impossible for those of us with lots of sexy lingerie to save all the men in the world.

Apologies if this was already posted. Computer ran away from me.