Sunday, October 09, 2005

VAWA expired 9/30, let the mayhem begin!!!!

Well, VAWA expired on Sept. 30.

Congress failed to renew VAWA by September 30th, so society has now officially collapsed, and the patriarchs and their minions are in charge, and running wild in the street. Just look out your window right this very minute to gape at the ongoing atrocities!

Men everywhere are now taking advantage of this window of opportunity by punching, kicking, dissing and dousing their girlfriends, wives and any other stray females with gasoline and lighting them ablaze! They also are taking the credit cards out of their hands, and freely having “domestic issues discussions”, without fear of the blue gunned thugs breaking down their doors to haul them off to the hoosegow for making them feel bad, or in fear (of not buying the new shoes, I guess).

And wimmin’ everywhere are, geez, when I look out it seems they are carrying on as usual. Running about their business, walking down dark streets, going into supply closets with males and the like, totally oblivious to the sword of Damocles that hangs over their heads this very instant. Don’t they realize that RAPE and WIFE-BEATING have now been legalized??? They ought to be running-around in terror, screaming their heads-off.

But then the Geezer would ask them how that is different from yesterday.

Searching for evidence that this country has been ripped asunder by the rampaging mobs of testosterone-addled barbarians venting their pent-up maleness without anything standing in their way, the Geezer finds none.

Geez does take great joy in that hundreds of newly-graduated Wimmins’ studies majors will soon find themselves without job opportunities if federal support to Wimmin’s Centers dry-up.

Warning ladies---Brimstone is just up your street, and down your alley, soon to visit your house.


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