Saturday, December 03, 2005

Smokin' and Tokin' in Silly Seattle

This is fiction, at least for a few more days. Then it will be fact.

So, the Geez is in Silly Seattle, and decides to light up a fag*. Nope, not harassing gays, but that is what we called them in the days of James Dean, and Robert Mitchum.

Standing next to the Geez is a 60's leftover, toking on a "phattie", a large marijuana joint, for those who don't know.

Both of us standing in front of a closed business, showing our PC Seattle aloofness by not recognizing each other. Along comes a blue-gun thug, stops his trick ride with the huge Visibar, and enough lights to blind New York City, and gives me the old UAWMF. Up Against the Wall, Mother-Fucker, for those who missed the 60's.

I said WTF, that guy next to me is smokin' a joint!!!! I am consuming my LEGAL drug of choice.

Well, Sheriff Clem explains to me that since enforcement of marijuana laws is the LOWEST priority in Silly Seattle, that smoking a legal, tobacco cigarette, within 25 feet of a public place must take precedence in enforcement.

Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Seattle, in the FU-WA (feminist utopia of Washington)

The leftover hippie did finally recognize my presence, as he took a massive toke just as the cop car was pulling away, with me handcuffed in the back seat.

Oh, well.

The Geezer

Who also blogs at The Hate Male Post.

* Fag is not the only term we don't use any more. My kids don't believe that the Fun Forest at the Seattle Center was originally called the Gay Way. Never thought you'd get a history lesson reading my sheyt, did ya?


One man said...

Yo, Gezz, it say's right at the top this is fiction. You are making a jest here? Certainly they wouldn't arrest you. I would think a $47 ticket, maybe $100.

I have watched the police look the other way in regards to pot smoking. That much is not fiction. They consider stoners a waste of time and paperwork. It benefits no one to harrass them and is a waste of valuable resources.

Were you really arrested? That would be a story worth spreading around.

The Geezer said...

Naw, but thanks for your concern. It is fiction, and you would get a $101 infraction.

The truthful part is, a cop happening on that situation would have to hassle the ciggy smoker, rather than the stoner, per Seattle City Code.

But, then again, these folks vote for King Ron, and Prince McDermott.

The Geezer

Anonymous said...

We should all have a big smoke-in on Thursday and get arrested, just like when we were young!!

Anonymous said...

We should get organized. We need to find a cheap printer that will print up some hand bills and maybe we could organize at Westlake Center. There are a whole lot of food establishments there and so just smoking in the park would be an infraction. Actually, I don't smoke, but I'm old enough to buy a few packs and hand them out. Costumes would be good, too. Any thoughts on what would be best?
I'm going over to Free Republic. I don't know if you guys ever organize or not.