Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thoughts about President Ford, and a story

I have been very fortunate to meet several US presidents. Ford, Reagan, Clinton, and shrub (lower case intentional)

I met President Ford when he was just a congressman from Michigan. He must have been some substantial congressman, as he was on a speaking tour, including Pullman. As fate would have it, a high school buddy, fellow Boy Scout, and pilot later to fly for United had been engaged to fly him around the state, first to Wenatchee, then to Pullman.

Since my bud had to cool his heels while Ford spoke, and since I was attending school at WSU, he called me up to entertain him for an hour or so.

I was at the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport when they landed, and debarked. John was gracious in introducing me, and Ford seemed like a regular guy, real genuine. Just before he was hustled off by the WSU folks, he turned to me and said, “Mark, when I was in Wenatchee they gave me a box of beautiful apples. I will be on the road for the rest of the week, so will have a difficult time carting them around. Can you take them back, and hand them out to your friends?”

Well, sure, like college kids don’t like to eat.

A simple gesture from a regular guy, which was much appreciated.

Perhaps that was before politics was the hardball game it is today, but I doubt it. I suspect that it was more an indication of the personality and graciousness of the man who was to one day become President.

The Geezer

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Chad Minnick said...

This is a great story. In fact, it's the only blog post I've ever read about President Ford. :)