Monday, March 07, 2005

Stonecipher thinks with the little head instead of the big head, and the Wimmin' once again get a big PASS

If ol' Harry agreed to the Code of Conduct, and it prohibited the behavior, then he should get the axe.

But that is not quite what the story said. It said, like Ron Popiel, "but wait, there's more!"

And then the trail went cold. Seems that if the company code of conduct applies to ol' Harry, it should apply to his "female executive" too, but, once again in the world, the Wimmin' get a pass.

There is an inherent danger in fishing in the company pond, and someone of his acumen should be aware of that. Of course, it is not our business, really, just between he and the missus as to what deal they cut.

I sure hope Tom Leykis is right, and that wimmin are attracted to money, power and prestige, because Harry ain't no stud-muffin, in anyone's book. Of course, have you seen what Boeing female execs look like? Don't check right before bedtime, or risk nightmares.

As far as how it will affect the company, it seems they have been chewing through top executives at a hefty burn rate, and I would be concerned that folks may not be ready to step into the job, at least internal folks, which they have shown a preference for.

Since Stonecipher came from M-D, I am certain that there are many at the lazy B who will not shed a tear.

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