Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Geezer has a few questions for you!

Driving down the road in my rented Kia, and realizing I live in a trailer park, I got to thinking I may be turning into the personification of white trash.

That simple ponderance caused me to ask more questions.

Let us see if you, the reader, can shed some light, rather than heat and wind, on these.............

Just write your answers on apiece of electronic paper, and email them to

The one with the most correct answers can go on a tour of Olympia, and the newspaper's editorial offices, and share their brilliance with the dims, er, ah, Dems. Ready???

The gub'mint says both parents should support their kiddy-kins after divorce. So, when a guy can't do that because he is injured, or unemployed, and can't pay his child support we throw him in jail.

When wimmin' can't support their kids, because they don't have the money, we:

A) toss em in the wimmin's greybar like men

B) give them the money in the form of welfare and then make the man pay it back. If he can't, we throw his arse back in jail, where he cannot work to pay for his kids, and it costs the sheeples over $100 simolians per day to keep him there. Oh, yeah, and we take his drivers license, to make it easy for him to get to work and pay us back after we let him out, too.

See how easy this quiz is???? Makin' a ton-o-sense here, aren't I?

Next question.

The state always says it acts in the best interest of children. Fact: most child abuse occurs in single female headed households.

So, the state:

A) awards custody to single females 85% of the time, to act in the best interest of the children and keep them safe

B) finding no parental unfitness, awards shared custody and shared residential time to both parents, benefiting the kids by having additional adults in their life for guidance, and having them interact with their fathers, their natural protectors.

Now you rockin'!!! Keep going, as this is a lot easier than you thought.

The feminazis (and the Everett Herald) tell you that equally qualified wimmin' make 75 cents to a man's dollar. Tom Leykis (love em or hate em) has offered $20K for the last two years to any woman who can demonstrate she has been paid less than a man with equal training, education, experience, and output doing the same job for the same company, with no takers. Given that,

Name the entrepreneur who said, Whoa! If I fire all the men, and hire only women, I can save 25% of my labor bill, and kick the competition's ASS!!!!!

Sound transit and their ilk tell us that they deserve half or so of the "highway" funds, because the bozos on the bus aren't in their cars taking up space on the road. Good enough. Let's carry that one step farther. Until busses are full to standing room, they are still wasting money, so to encourage ridership:

A) They have a free fare policy during rush hour, to take even more cars off the road, and fill up the busses


B) Increase the fare during rush hour, thereby reducing the number of folks on the bus.

Note: It does not count as ridership when the gub'mint gives their employees free bus passes. That is just an additional fringe benefit. Ever notice how many folks have those gub'mint ID cards and ride free?

Taking care of our kids, and being expected to use a small dose of common sense is in the public's best interest.

So, if a parent either leaves their kid in the car while they run into the liquor store, and the car is carjacked because the engine is running, or if a parent removes batteries from the smoke detector because cooking (in a filthy kitchen, no doubt) sets them off, we:

A) Give comfort to the grieving parents, even though their over the top egregious behavior placed their kids in danger, or killed them


B) Prosecute them for terminal stupidity, and make them stand nekkid in a freezer for an hour.

Ummmmm, some of these questions don't seem to have answers, Geezer.

You puttin' me on???

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