Monday, May 30, 2005

It's Father Bashing Time!!!

Well, I see our faithful persecutor of the county of King is cranking up for his annual father bashing on Father's Day.

Would the same thing be tolerated if directed to Muthas on Mutha's Day? I doubt it.

Starts with an innocent notice buried way inside the paper, about "child support amnesty" giving beatdead dads an opportunity to not take the new hot, younger woman to some tropical isle, and instead pay their back support in the next week or two.

Then we will come after you, it says.

Of course, most who can pay, do, and the ones that don't majorly have less than $10K annual income.

Nonetheless, some feminazi (I betcha) in his office dreams this up every year at this time, so that on / just prior to Father's Day, (s)he can parade some unfortunate men before the public, in a show of how effective the prosecutor is, going after those dads who abandoned their family, even though the wife is the one who filed the divorce, majorly.

They must have another professional athlete who used to make big buxx, and now works at the car wash, and has minimal income to pay his support obligation that was set when he was making megamillions, in the wings.

Sure wouldn't want to parade a bunch of barely English speaking immigrants who work hard, but have no money, out for the press now would we.

I wanna see them parade wimmin out who don't take care of the kids like this on Mother's Day, not to embarrass the Moms, but to stand back and feel the heat from the wimmin's industries, about how uncaring the prosecutor is.

I nominate two for next year. The mother who got her kiddy-kins carjacked, while she left the car running to run into the LIQUOR STORE at 10 AM, and the mother who unfortunately lost her two kids in Silverdale because she TOOK THE BATTERIES out of the SMOKE DETECTOR, because cooking set it off. Geezushkeericed, lady, maybe if you cleaned your kitchen, and watched while you cook, that wouldn't happen, and your two daughters would be alive.

Can't legislate against stupidity, and while I am no fan on state intervention in families, perhaps an example here or there may be helpful in having folks understand how important protecting your children is, as opposed to your selfish convenience.

Rant mode off, but not for long I am sure.

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